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    • Boots, Reindeer

    • Boots, Reindeer

    • Knee hish; reindeer with the hair out; smoked moosehide soles. Red felt edging at top. Hide ties. Black and white calf geometric design below felt. Soles show use but in very good condition. 16 1/4" high - 11 1/4" long - hide ties. Made by...

    • UA91-017-0001AB
    • Fishhook

    • Fishhook

    • Fishhook made of Dall sheep horn; double barbless hooks set in. "Michak"

      Collected in the field for the Modern Alaskan Material Culture Project undertaken by the UA Museum. 12/6/2011: In the field notes and paper file the "place" is listed...

    • UA70-050-0064
    • Fishhook

    • Fishhook

    • Large barbless hook made from a piece of heavy wire; a length of sinew line attached. "Michak". Hook: 9.3cm x 2.5cm.

      Collected in the field for the Modern Alaskan Material Culture Project undertaken by the UA Museum. 12/6/2011: In the field...

    • UA70-050-0063
    • Basket, Birch Bark

    • Basket, Birch Bark

    • Large, folded birch bark container found floating in the Ambler River. Willow rim rods and lashing of spruce root, and a rope, possibly cotton, tied along one of the long sides of the basket, possibly a handle. 20cm x 40cm x 28cm.


    • UA70-050-0058
    • Fishhook

    • Fishhook

    • Brass with barbless nail hook set in; wire loop wound with string. One circular eye has been carved out of the brass on one side of the piece. Another eye hole can be seen, but is obscured by the inset nail. 18cm x 2.7cm.

      Collected in the...

    • UA70-050-0066
    • Pestle

    • Pestle

    • Solid piece of wood; knob handle on top; flared, flat base; stained red; 5" tall; shows much use. Used for mashing up salmon eggs, cranberries, eskimo ice cream etc. "Koch'sin"

      Collected in the field for the Modern Alaskan Material Culture...

    • UA70-050-0061
    • Scraper

    • Scraper

    • Handle of birch shaped to fit a right-handed person; blade of piece of sharpened barrel from a 12 gauge shotgun; a piece of cloth is used to wedge the barrel onto the handle.

      Collected in the field for the Modern Alaskan Native Material...

    • UA70-050-0106
    • Blade

    • Blade

    • Flat, tapered piece of jade. 5" long or 1cm x 13cm x 4.5cm

      Collected in the field for the Modern Alaskan Material Culture Project undertaken by the UA Museum. 12/6/2011: In the field notes and paper file the "place" is listed as Kobuk, but...

    • UA70-050-0054
    • Mittens, Beaver

    • Mittens, Beaver

    • Mittens of unplucked beaver with smoked moosehide palms. Wrist trim of unplucked beaver with hair going crosswise to that on the body of the mitten. Written inside each mitter "Ulen - Wiseman Alaska - 1945". 13 1/2" long - unlined. Made by donor...

    • UA91-017-0004AB
    • Knife, Man's

    • Knife, Man's

    • Curved bone (rib) handle; curved steel blade with visible file marks; made from a file; fastened to handle with two metal bolts; three serrations on tip of handle; vertical scratches across front of handle where it joins blade; 9 7/8"...

    • UA70-050-0055
    • Smudge Pot

    • Smudge Pot

    • Made from a 5 gallon gas can; two tin cans with ends perforated are soldered on either side of the can; door made of piece of tin wired on; wire swing handle; wood chips are burned inside to keep off mosquitoes. (Smudging means to allow something...

    • UA70-050-0053
    • Snowshoe

    • Snowshoe

    • Boy's snowshoe. Single snowshoe. Style is of westernmost Alaska type (see Nelson 'Eskimo about Bering Strait' or paper file). Outer wood frame made from two peices of wood. They are tied together to a point at heel with rawhide and spliced and...

    • UAMN-0551-5427
    • Sinker, Fishhook and

    • Sinker, Fishhook and

    • Mammoth ivory sinker tapered on both ends. On the top of the sinker there is a darkened area (outter core). The sinker has one circular hole drilled into each end for line attachments. Looped through the bottom hole in the sinker is wire (picture...

    • UA70-050-0067
    • Snowshoe, Horse

    • Snowshoe, Horse

    • Horse snowshoe made from wood in an oval shape. 14" long x 10.5" wide. Wood is approx. 1" thick. It has a metal strap over the top connected by bolts.

      Acc. to file: "On April 27, 1967, Keith Koontz came in and gave us more information on the...

    • UA63-025-0001
    • Basket, Birch Bark

    • Basket, Birch Bark

    • Modern type made for sale; birch strips reversed and alternated for sides; flared; willow rim rods top and base; sewn with spruce root. Measures 11 x 21 cm.

      Collected in the field for the Modern Alaskan Material Culture Project undertaken by...

    • UA70-050-0057
    • Basket, Birch Bark

    • Basket, Birch Bark

    • Round with a slight flare to the sides; double rim rod of split willow on both rim and base; sides of single diamond pattern formed by alternating out- and inside of bark strips; double bottom; rim bands; sewn with spruce root; base has cotton line...

    • UA81-003-0117
    • Ladle

    • Ladle

    • Wooden ladle or scoop; broad, shallow bowl; one piece of spruce wood; stained dark red on outside; used; hole pierced in end of handle for hanging; 12 7/8" long.

      Label put on by donor: "CL- 3 Salmon River Kobuk Frank Glover 1952" See letter...

    • UA88-025-0001
    • Needle, Snowshoe

    • Needle, Snowshoe

    • Made of bone; tapered at both ends with an eye in the middle; used for making snowshoe webbing. Around the eye there are grooves on either end, on both sides of the piece, which extend out 1cm on either side of the eye in the same direction as the...

    • UA70-050-0056


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