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    • Contest Winner-Melba Philleo

    • Contest Winner-Melba Philleo

    • Title taken from clipping.
      Photograph used in a news clipping showing Sen. Bob Bartlett, Melba Philleo, Rep. Ralph Rivers and Fred W. Ford, the FCC Commissioner. Miss Philleo won the Alaska Voice of Democracy broadcast scriptwriting contest.

    • UAF-1972-49-130
    • My cold weather outfit.

    • My cold weather outfit.

    • "My cold weather outfit. Beaver cap, Caribou coat, moose hide fur trimmed mittens, woolen pants, moosehide moccasins and on the snowshoes made for me by Sarah Bob one of the Ketchumstuk tribe squaws of the Forty Mile Indians. These snow shoes are...

    • UAF-1974-114-13
    • Binks and friend.

    • Binks and friend.

    • Title supplied by indexer.

      Photo of Binks standing to the right of a shorter man, possibly Bob. The photo is overexposed so not much else is discernible besides trees in the background.

      It is assumed photo was taken in 1931 since...

    • UAF-1985-122-955
    • Bob, Mud Bay Road.

    • Bob, Mud Bay Road.

    • Title from caption that also provides date of July 1931.

      Bob looks out to his left at the bay. He's standing near shore, slightly off of a curving gravel road. A bag is draped over his right shoulder and he wears boots that lace up. He...

    • UAF-1985-122-962
    • Binks & Bob, Mud Bay.

    • Binks & Bob, Mud Bay.

    • Title from caption.

      Both Binks and Bob hold dead eagles in their hands. The span of the eagles' wings are spread as if on display. Bob holds a rifle by its barrel in his right hand. They're standing on a log bridge girded up with...

    • UAF-1985-122-964
    • Bob and eagle.

    • Bob and eagle.

    • Title taken from caption.

      Bob is sitting down on what appears to be rocks covered with moss. He holds a dead eagle in both hands by its wings, revealing its wing span. A rifle lays across his lap. He's wearing a sun visor and laced up...

    • UAF-1985-122-965
    • Binks & Bob.

    • Binks & Bob.

    • Title taken from caption.

      Binks and Bob, wearing only swimming trunks look to be sparring or wrestling on a bridge made of lumber and logs. Binks is standing in a lunge with his left foot near Bob. Bob has both hands curled into fists,...

    • UAF-1985-122-969
    • Binks and Bob.

    • Binks and Bob.

    • Title taken from caption.

      Binks and Bob, wearing only swimming trunks are wrestling on a footbridge made of logs and lumber, and have each other in a headlock. A motorboat is parked to the right of the bridge, and has two canisters laying...

    • UAF-1985-122-971
    • Binks and Bob.

    • Binks and Bob.

    • Title taken from caption which reads, "Binks - Bob (Paul & Ole Johnson). Mud Bay camp. August 1931."

      Binks and Bob, wearing only swimming trunks are standing on a foot bridge, flexing their muscles and puffing out their chests. A...

    • UAF-1985-122-987
    • Johnson Brothers.

    • Johnson Brothers.

    • Title from caption which is signed, "Slim."

      Binks and Bob, wearing only swimming trunks are standing on a foot bridge. Binks is smiling, and jutting his hips and belly forward. Bob is tucking in his chin, and has his left hand on his hip;...

    • UAF-1985-122-989
    • Bob Gehling and self at home.

    • Bob Gehling and self at home.

    • Title from caption which reads, "Bob Gehling & self at home. Mile 23, A.R.R. [Alaska Railroad] March '31."

      Two men stand in front of a log cabin with icicles hanging from the roof. A pile of cut logs are stacked below the cabin's eaves. ...

    • UAF-1985-122-1006
    • Bob.

    • Bob.

    • Title from caption which reads, "Bob, mile 23. Aug. '30."

      Man wearing laced up boots is standing on a porch outside a log cabin. His hands are in his jeans' pockets. A rifle is leaning against the cabin behind him near the open door. Off...

    • UAF-1985-122-1016
    • Bob.

    • Bob.

    • Title taken from caption, "Bob. Grouse hunter. Quartz Creek, 10/29/30."

      Man stands in front of three dead grouse laying on a branch with their legs sticking up. The man holds a rifle by its barrel in his right hand.

    • UAF-1985-122-1037
    • Bob and Murl.

    • Bob and Murl.

    • Title taken from photo which reads, "Bob. Murl. Mile 26. A.R.R. Sept. 1930."

      Bob is wearing a jacket with a geometric design, a hat with a pompom on top, laced up boots, and gloves. To his left stands Murl. They're standing on a set of...

    • UAF-1985-122-1039
    • Bob, Art and Binks.

    • Bob, Art and Binks.

    • Title taken from caption which reads, "Bob, Art, Binks. Schooners Bend, Kenai River, July 27, 1930."

      An overexposed photo of three men - the man on the left is crouching down, the man in the center is standing, and the man on the right is...

    • UAF-1985-122-1042
    • Frank and Bob.

    • Frank and Bob.

    • Title taken from caption which reads, "Frank, Bob. Mile 26, A.R.R. Sept. '30."

      Frank and Bob are standing in front of a log cabin whose screen door is partially closed, and has the sign "Mile 26" posted on the apex of the roof. Frank...

    • UAF-1985-122-1044
    • Sam and Bob.

    • Sam and Bob.

    • Title from caption which reads, "Sam & Bob. Mile 19, Moose Pass Road. Oct. 1, 1930."

      The man facing the camera is holding food in his right hand, about to place in his open mouth, exposing his teeth. The man behind him is facing away from...

    • UAF-1985-122-1047
    • Men in snow.

    • Men in snow.

    • Title supplied by indexer.

      Written on caption, "Binks, Sam, Bob. 12/2/30. Yakutat, Alaska."

      Two men shown in the snow; one is kneeling and the other man is lying down. His left side is covered with snow and he's smiling. A third...

    • UAF-1985-122-1052


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