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    • Pin

    • Pin

    • 6.2 cm diameter, 7.3 cm long metal stick pin. Made of two layers of moose (?) hide stitched together. Floral design on front of dyed tufted moose hair; five pink tufts form a flower, three moss-green tufts (smaller and diamond shaped) form...

    • UA91-003-0007
    • Key Chain, Beaded

    • Key Chain, Beaded

    • 17.3 cm long (boot is 5.2 cm tall from top to heel). Boot is made of moosehide stuffed with white felt and trimmed with white beads. Red floral design on calf of boot and starburst design on toe-box; flower and starburs have yellow bead centers...

    • UA92-003-0018
    • Rope

    • Rope

    • Alder-tanned moose hide rope. Hide is braided and pink-colored. Rope is coiled. See remarks field. Measures (as falls) 4.1 x 26.2 x 22.8 cm.

      Note from donor with object: "Alder tanned moose hide rope - Kobuk river area - Ambler probably"

    • UA2002-001-0084
    • Fishhook

    • Fishhook

    • Large barbless hook made from a piece of heavy wire; a length of sinew line attached. "Michak". Hook: 9.3cm x 2.5cm.

      Collected in the field for the Modern Alaskan Material Culture Project undertaken by the UA Museum. 12/6/2011: In the field...

    • UA70-050-0063
    • Canoe, Birch Bark

    • Canoe, Birch Bark

    • Birch bark over frame - 14' long with one end decked over with bark (23" w x 46 1/4 long); sewn with spruce root and seamed with spruce pitch; paddle of birch 68" long - lashed to 2 of 5 crosspieces. Piece of bark 33 1/2" x 15 3/4" lashed down for...

    • UA67-114-0001AB
    • Carving, Wood

    • Carving, Wood

    • A eskimo-like chain of carved links and swivels. 21 1/2" long. Made from a single 2 x 4.

      Brought to museum by J.A. Boulet of Fairbanks on May 1, 1942. *3/9/2004: John Schwaesdall, grandson of maker, phoned to obtain information and...

    • UAMN-B63-0003
    • Scoop, Model

    • Scoop, Model

    • Wooden model of fish scoop. The basket of the scoop is made from a thin piece of bent wood with cotton twine webbing woven in a diamond pattern. The handle is a long thin piece of wood attaced to the basket with cotton twine. See remarks field. ...

    • UA2002-001-0089
    • Fishhook

    • Fishhook

    • Brass with barbless nail hook set in; wire loop wound with string. One circular eye has been carved out of the brass on one side of the piece. Another eye hole can be seen, but is obscured by the inset nail. 18cm x 2.7cm.

      Collected in the...

    • UA70-050-0066
    • Basket, Birch Bark

    • Basket, Birch Bark

    • Round birch bark basket made with the woven technique, light and dark-colored bark placed diagonally along the sides, alternating direction creating a woven look. Lashed along the top and bottom edges with willow, which is wrapped in spruce root....

    • UA2001-013-0307
    • Knife, Womans'

    • Knife, Womans'

    • Steel blade from a saw blade; 2 screw holes; antler handle much stained and polished from use; held on with wooden peg inserted through top of handle. Blade is 8 3/4". Ulu is 5 3/8" x 8 3/4".

      Purchased by donor's husband from Minnie Gray...

    • UA91-009-0009
    • Fishing Lure

    • Fishing Lure

    • Tear-drop shaped piece of jade, used as or with a fishing lure. Holes are drilled on either end. Not completely flat - the narrow end appears to curve up while the wider end curves down, from the side. Highly polished. Property mark engraved on the...

    • UA2001-013-0240
    • Basket, Birch Bark

    • Basket, Birch Bark

    • Folded birch bark basket with unstripped willow trim and side reinforcement and spruce root stitching. Bark panels showing dark interior bark surface have been attached to exterior surface of bakset, which show the pale exterior bark surface,...

    • UA2002-001-0020
    • Snowshoe

    • Snowshoe

    • Boy's snowshoe. Single snowshoe. Style is of westernmost Alaska type (see Nelson 'Eskimo about Bering Strait' or paper file). Outer wood frame made from two peices of wood. They are tied together to a point at heel with rawhide and spliced and...

    • UAMN-0551-5427
    • Dish

    • Dish

    • This men's bentwood bowl (having three planed surfaces) is made using two pieces of wood for the bottom and rim. The bottom is stained light right, the rim is dark red, and the black line and bird with a fish in its beak are painted black on the...

    • UAMN64


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